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Angol Haladó 2 - középfok szintfelmérő

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Írja be minden mondatba a hiányzó angol szót az alábbi listából. Több szó van, mint mondat, de minden mondatba csak egy szó kerülhet.
Bears are large, strong animals with thick .
Although there are only eight living of bear, they are widespread.
While the polar bear is mostly carnivorous and the giant panda feeds almost entirely on bamboo, the remaining six species are .
The and international trade of these most threatened populations is prohibited, but still ongoing.
While many people think that bears are , they are in fact generally active for the most part during the day.
barns, benefits, canine, dainty, destructive, germs, fur, harness, hazards, infatuated, inhabitants, kind, nocturnal, omnivorous, poaching, ponderous, predicting, species, stain, traits
Egészítse ki a szöveget egy-egy odaillő szóval, a megadott kezdőbetűvel. Az első betű utáni részt kell csak mindig beírnia.
Driven by the emotional and joyous rhythms of five great new songs from Academy-Award winner Phil Collins, "Brother Bear" is Disney's exciting new animated holiday adventure. Set against the majestic natural s of the Great American Northwest, the film tells the story of a boy named Kenai, whose life takes an unexpected t when the Great Spirits t him into a bear - the c he hates most. Befriended by a bear cub named Koda, Kenai sets out to r his human form while his brother (who doesn't realize Kenai is now a bear) p him on a mission of revenge and family honor. With breathtaking animation, powerful emotion and humor, this film introduces a memorable c of characters and paints an unforgettable tale of courage, honor and self-discovery.
Egészítse ki a mondatokat az egy helyes válasz betűjelének megjelölésével.
Genes, .......... the blueprints for cell construction, exist in tightly organized packages called chromosomes.
We .......... to the new Harry Potter film on Friday. If we can get tickets, would you like to come too?
The lecture`s been cancelled, so we .......... as well go for lunch now.
I`d rather .......... all those stories about me as a child to my new boyfriend, Mum. I was awfully embarrassed.
The girl said she went up the tree because her brother .......... climb it.
Scarcely had the islanders recovered from the earthquake .......... the volcano began to erupt.
.......... are staff to enter this area without wearing protective clothing.
.......... her excellent qualifications, she hasn`t yet found a suitable job.
Nézze meg a videót, majd értékelje az alábbi állításokat a helyes válasz betűjelének megjelölésével!
The police had received information about a grow operation in the mountains.
There was no evidence that the bears had been living there for a long period of time.
The property was protected by bears because they were more reliable than dogs.
A bear attacked of one the policemen because he approached him with a stick.
The bears will have to be killed because they are too dangerous.

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